Image of Eyeconic Clothing "School Dayz" - Slate Grey

Eyeconic Clothing "School Dayz" - Slate Grey


The Eyeconic Clothing "School Dayz" seal is a design inspired by the movie "School Daze" by Spike Lee. The film follows "Half Pint" (Spike Lee), as well as an all star cast, as they attend Mission College. The film was created to shed light on, or EDUCATE the public of Spike Lee's view on the dysfunction of colleges.

Our "School Daze" seal is meant to do the same, EDUCATE. Not to shed light on a matter but to educate individuals on our brand. It allows You and those new to the brand to SEE who Eyeconic Clothing is and what we're about. In essence we decided to "take you to school", the Eyeconic Clothing way.

This colorway is based from the colors of Morehouse College. This is due to Morehouse being one of the colleges Spike Lee attended in his actual life, and is supposed to be depicted in the film. And when it was all said and done we loved the colorway and felt it would be a great way to BE SEEN! this Spring.

Keep your EYE's open for future colorways that we will release of this design.

Model is wearing a size Medium. (Sizes are unisex).

Our T-shirts are printed on printed on American Apparel brand t-shirts. However Eyeconic Clothing has no affiliation with American Apparel or any of its subsidiary companies.