Commonly Asked Questions

What is Eyeconic Clothing ?

A brand for those who appreciate visual arts, fashion, and the furtherance of creativity.

Why Eyeconic and not Iconic ?

For most, ones eye are their gateway to the world. Through them we individually make perceptions and decisions. Although they are not necessary for life, they provide a valuable and also beneficial aspect of our everyday lives. In connection with this, an Icon is is a person or symbol of great attention. Usually once our eyes fall on these iconic persons or symbols we can easily identify them. Therefore Eyeconic Clothing is a brand in which all that we create is meant to grab ones attention, visually. Simply put, our work is meant to BE SEEN.

What is it to "Be Eyeconic" ?

The phrase "Be Eyeconic" is something that we as a brand use interchangeably with BE SEEN. We feel that for one to Be Eyeconic is for them BE SEEN, with no effort needed at all. But what is it to Be Eyeconic ? To Be Eyeconic begins with being true to yourself. The world we live is full of many who live to be a character or dramatization of who they are expected to be, or feel they should be. One who succeeds to Be Eyeconic is the individual who is able be comfortable with the gift of originality that they posses. This will naturally allow them to BE SEEN within the multitude of indistinguishable individuals within society.

Our Mascot ?

To begin any engagement, a proper introduction is necessary. Please allow us to introduce the star of the show, the "man" who makes this all possible. His name ? Specs. He was born in 2009 and has been the face of our brand ever since. He's love and respected by many for what he represents, and is the inspiration for our brand. We look forward to you becoming better acquainted with Specs, throughout our journey.